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Melbourne Property Collective has extensive experience managing hoarder property clearances throughout Melbourne. We understand the difficult psychological nature of a hoarding situation and its impact on the property owner and ensure a high level of sensitivity is maintained whilst managing the clean up of the property.

Whether the property has been mildly or severely affected by hoarding, Melbourne Property Collective are well equipped to get the property back to its original condition. Our experience in hoarder property clearance includes:

inhabitable properties
heavily soiled houses
severely cluttered properties
small and large-scale clearance
personal attachment to contents
biological waste removal
contents sorting and packing

During the property clearance process, we will ensure that all contents are removed quickly and disposed of responsibly, leaving you with a clear and de-cluttered property. Once the waste and goods have been removed, we will provide a basic clean free of charge. If required, we also offer additional advanced cleaning and property services.


Visit our latest work gallery to view before and after images and testimonials of our recent hoarder property clearance jobs.




What is hoarding?
Hoarding is a compulsive behavior defined as the excessive acquisition of significant quantities of items that the acquirer is unwilling or unable to dispose of. The excessive number of objects in the acquirers’ home leads to significant clutter of living spaces to the extent that the room is unable to be used for its primary purpose.

What are the dangers of a property affected by hoarding?
In addition to the psychological and emotional concerns caused by hoarding, a property which has been affected by hoarding is also physically dangerous, creating a hazardous environment for occupants, including an increased risk of fire, impaired access for emergency services and significant health risks caused by bacteria, mould, poor air quality and pests.


Contact us today if you would like to discuss how we can help you in managing the clearance of a property affected by hoarding.